Frequently asked questions


What is a Mobile Home? What do the KEU Mobile Home include?

A Mobile Home is a mobile home, a home equipped with a chassis, wheels and drawbar that make it 100% transportable. It comes completely assembled from the factory, so its transportation is very simple (it does not need to be disassembled previously) and, generally, it is not necessary to fix it to the ground.


What do the KEU Mobile Home include?

A KEU is an innovative home that brings together all the comfort and equipment of a single-family home with the peace of mind of knowing that you can transport it wherever you want and enjoy a different environment. You can configure them by adding different extras to adapt the home to your way of life.

The KEU goes beyond a traditional Mobile Home, standing out for its unique and avant-garde design, its insulation and high quality materials, its equipment and its integrated technology, which make it a Smart House or intelligent home.

Can I move it with my 4 x 4 car?

The drawbar is very practical to be able to move the KEU in very short distances within the plot or at the time of installation, but it is not useful for moving it from one plot to another, for that it must be transported with a special truck.

What does my land need for the installation of a mobile home?

Choice of land:

Under no circumstances should the KEU sit on soft, muddy ground, etc. The location must be studied, and that it does not present water problems, such as preferential roads, water torrents, etc.

The plot must also be as flattened and compacted as possible. This will avoid later unevenness. We recommend making a concrete slab around the entire perimeter of the KEU, or buried concrete cubes where the support props are going to go so that they do not sink into the ground with the consequent unevenness of the KEU and its problems. later.

In those places where works are not allowed, we recommend previously compacting the ground and placing prefabricated concrete slabs with a surface never less than 50 cm x 50 cm.

What electricity, water and drainage connections do I need?

The KEUs are prepared to connect through the bottom of the module to electricity, drinking water and sanitation supplies. The connections must be made by an electrician and a plumber on the plot itself. It is a very simple job.

With the delivery of the house, a plan will be provided with the location of the electricity and water connections so that once on the plot, a plumber and electrician hired by the client will be in charge of the connection on site.

If it is not possible to make connections of this type on the plot, electricity and water services could be provided using solar panels and two tanks (one for drinking water and the other for sanitation).

What is included in the price?

All our models are delivered fully equipped with furniture and appliances ready for use, each model with its corresponding level of equipment and previously configured by the client. 

The cost of transportation and leveling on the plot are not included in the price, nor are the connections to the supplies on the plot.


Is leveling important?

Good leveling of the land is essential to ensure the proper functioning of the facilities.

How do you fit it?

The Mobile Home comes equipped with 4 lower support beams, to be able to adapt to the location. It is advisable to raise it at least 50 cm from the support level, so that the lower part of the house is accessible for making the supply connections.